Super Stuff (MH)

A collection of handy templates that save time and minimize your code writing.

Resize Toggle Inactive and Wrap Browse
Hand-Coded Views Date Lookups Tab Popups

  • Resize that works! Including save and restore of window positions and size. SplitWindow feature for sizing and positioning contents of the window (i.e., for two list boxes).
  • Easily adds views to your procedures. The ViewManager extension template includes support for custom joins, reduces the number of hot fields, adds extra validation flexibility, and processes a single record much quicker.
  • Toggle records to "inactive", rather than deleting them.
  • Wrap a long string onto multiple lines, auto-fitting its column.
  • Quicken Date Entry
  • Easy Date Lookups
  • Advanced Drag & Drop support.
  • Threaded Browse Form feature
  • Reset Children After Cancel
  • Select default icon for the entire app
  • Limit procedure to One Thread
  • Memory Report
  • And more...

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