BoxSoft Corporation is a software development and consulting firm headquartered in London, Canada. Operating since 1989, we have created elegant, efficient and intuitive solutions for a wide spectrum of customers.  These range from small businesses to large government agencies, and include many industries like retail point of sale, membership tracking, transportation, casino operations, insurance, and banking.

Casino Tools A series of highly optimized products for various casino operations, including Player Value, Promotions Manager, Tournament Manager, Waiting Board, and Dealer Rotation.
TMScheduler Highly optimized Meeting Scheduler for Toastmasters clubs, including artificially intelligent automated scheduling, membership management, full history tracking, and much more.
ezTrack Membership tracking for Community Centers, including dues collection; program planning and scheduling; registration and attendance tracking; comprehensive and flexible roll-up reporting for management; etc.
Transit PlanIt Transportation management for school boards, including route planning, student pick-up and drop-off scheduling, employee time tracking, work orders, etc.
PromoMax Personal Information Manager (PIM) for independent record promoters who need to efficiently and effectively push their music products to radio stations, print media, etc. It organizes all the pertinent information, and provides numerous shortcuts for day-to-day operations.
Super Templates for Clarion We have been producing 3rd-party templates and models for Clarion for Windows and DOS longer than any other vendor. We have add-on products for all versions of Clarion. For more information, download our demo program, send us a message, or contact our distributor, Mitten Software, at (800) 825-5461 or (952) 745-4941.
Custom Consulting We perform all levels of customized services for both end-users and other developers. This includes creation and support, specialized training, application design, debugging and optimization, etc. If you think that our services may help you, please contact us to discuss it.